West Cumbria Mining Limited

We use Task Manager for our coal exploration project as it provides simple, accurate logs at a touch of a button. The graphics log can be easily matched to geophysical correlations and the entire log can be dropped into a geological report. The dictionary editor is very adaptable and we have used it to create bespoke geological definitions and codes describing the northern hemisphere coals. The validation process is simple to use and the entire package is easy to learn and apply. Overall, the package is a great field logging tool.

Peabody Energy Australia

Epsoft, through its proprietary software Task Manager (TM) has provided professional geological data management solutions for Peabody Energy for over 10 years. During this time Epsoft has demonstrated a professional, client driven work ethic and has led the industry standard for quality, efficiency and price. The TM program is now being used throughout the company and has replaced previously well-known (more expensive) software systems due to its ease and simplicity of use and assisted Peabody in delivering on time and cost effective solutions for our exploration data requirements. Whether you are managing a small exploration program from the field or running an operational mine site, TM has the capacity to handle hole corrections, data validation and cross section plotting in a simple and efficient manner. TM has assisted with reduced data management fatigue and assisted in delivering 1,000 days LTI free for the Exploration Department.

Xtra Insights Pty Ltd (Xtra Research Pty Ltd)

Rob and Epsoft have been a critical part of Xtra Insights for over a decade. Simply, Xtra would not be where it is today without Rob. He is not a service provider, he’s a solution provider. His knowledge, ability to assess your specific requirements, responsiveness, and motivation to find a solution to your problem provide a unique package of resources that is rare if not impossible to find anywhere.

I cannot understate the value Rob & Epsoft has brought to our business and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking to be a leader in their field.

Southern Cross Austereo

In the world of new market research, technology and people change so rapidly it’s hard to find technologies that can keep up. At SCA we do research for a wide range of customers internally and externally, so our research tools need to able to be customised and flexible to meet every new project. Expressions is that tool for us. We’ve put so many different projects through it over the years and Expressions has managed to make them all easier and more seamless to analyse and provide real insights almost at the push of a button. When we’ve had a project that seemed to go beyond it’s capabilities, Rob has always provided outstanding support to find ways to make it happen. Expressions joins our online survey platforms, Excel and Powerpoint as our main set of research tools.