Custom Software Development

We provide software development services specialising in office automation.

Many repetitive, tedious tasks can be automated with a simple macro or custom piece of software. Sounds expensive? It doesn’t have to be! We can do projects from $50 to $50k+

Automating a task might only save a few seconds, but when that task has to be repeated dozens or even hundreds of times it can really add up. Not to mention reducing the risk of human error due to boredom or fatigue. Microsoft Office, especially Excel, is a powerful tool that most of use less than 10% of. Sitting behind Office is an equally powerful programming/macro language (VBA) that can be used to automate almost anything you can do manually.

If a task can’t be automated within Office, or there are performance issues, we can develop a custom application for virtually any data processing/conversion task you can think of. If it can be done on a PC, we can automate it!

An example is our PPEA application for copying charts and tables from Excel to PowerPoint.

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