When to celebrate milestones?

We have a big year coming up in 2019 with our company turning 10 years old. However we operated in QLD as a sole trader for 10 years prior to that so really the business will be 20 years old. Then again, prior to that Epsoft was registered as a business name in WA for several years, although that was more of a side venture. If we really go back, I coined the Epsoft name when I first starting coding back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. That makes it nearly 40 years old and on a personal note I turn 50 in 2019 so either way it will be a significant year.

In case you were wondering, Epsoft is just a simplification of my surname “Epps” and “Software”. It confuses a lot of people because there are two P’s in “Epps” but only one in “Epsoft”. Before you judge, I was 10 when I came up with it and “Eppsoft” just didn’t look right to me at the time.

The question is, what, when and how to celebrate? I think a birthday party for my 50th is a given, but how do I celebrate the business milestone (whichever one that is)? Most of my current clients didn’t know me prior to 1999 so I’m thinking the 20 year milestone is the sensible one to celebrate.

How did you celebrate your business milestone(s)?